My email account has been hacked with a phishing mail, asking for money. Please do not respond. I am not able to get into my gmail account and have no idea how to tell google that the mask comes in Arabic, that recently my account was addressed from Nigeria and that I am unable to recieve emails. Also, most of my contacts have been lost.

Anybody who can help me to get back into my gmail account, please send a comment.

My new private email address is bayerkurt70@gmail.com

Kurt Bayer (the real me)



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3 responses to “hacking

  1. D Evans

    I just sent a message to Joanne, telling her that, although my German is poor, I could tell you’d been hacked. Although no expert in this (I have been hacked twice, however), you need to change the password in your account and/or open a new account. I don’t know why you can’t get into your account but, I assume the hacker changed your password. Somehow, you need to get in touch with gmail and get’um to change your password.

    Hope this is helpful but you may know all this.


  2. marcus

    If you have not started the process yet:

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