Michelle Obama: Hillary’s “Virgin of Mercy” (1)

Donald Trump’s attacks on Hillary, on his rivals in the primaries, on anybody he thinks of as an adversary are notorious. His fans scream „Jail crooked Hillary“, he attacks President Obama, whose eligibilty for the US Presidency he denied in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and so on. The level of personal defamation, of outright lies has reached a record, formerly unimaginably low level.

But: so far Trump and his aides have not issued a single line of attack against Michelle Obama, who only last week lambasted him for his despicable attitude towards women. On October 27, 2016, the first joint appearance of Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton occurred in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a „swing state“, important to win. But it was not Michelle who played „warm-up“ act for Hillary, but the other way round. First spoke Hillary, then Michelle. And Michelle was fantastic: she hardly talked about programmatic issues, but rather about „US values“: family cohesiness, children’s future, solidarity of citizens, about America’s greatness on which Hillary would build. She attacked Trump’s defetism, his negativity, his aggression, his talking down of the US, of its strengths, of its achievements. She appealed to the boundless optimism which had „made America great“, to neighborly help and hospitality and care.

She reminded the audience of how close elections can be (in 2008 Obama won by 2 votes per precinct!), that every vote needs to get out to be counted. She implored citizens not to be discouraged by the egregiously vicious campaign and stay home. She reminded citizens of the sacrifices of the civil rights activists, that the capital had been built by slaves, she talked about the struggle to extend voting rights to all citizens. Everybody hearing her should go out „today“ and vote (in North Carolina early voting is possible). Everybody should convince one or two others to go and vote.

Michelle would probably win the election easily: she is authentic, charismatic, caring, talks very well, is the model of what can be possible in the US (from a poor black family to the best universities and to First Lady!) All this is well known, but the most amazing thing is that she is the only one around this election who cannot and has not been touched by anyone. Nobody has been able to dig up anything against her, she is a veritable „Saint“ – and thus untouchable. Not even „Lockerroom Donald“, nor his Breitbart aides have found anything and dare sully her. Of course, she herself is responsible for this „Black Madonna“ image: no scandals, a caring mother talking freely about her daughters and her husband, a gardener, her husband’s helper, always in the background, even though in the early Obama years many people thought that she was the brighter one. If Hillary wins, this will partly be due to Michelle’s help. And, dreaming on: she would make a better President.

[1] German: „Schutzmantelmadonna“: on several medieval and baroque paintings, Mary is depicted larger than everybody else, wearing a wide cloak under which the believers assemble. The image is one of protection.


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